Tagata Pasifika

The Pacific voice on
New Zealand television
since 1987

Tagata Pasifika

The Pacific voice on
New Zealand television
since 1987


Read on with TP+  as we dive into important conversations about the latest NZ news and politics. Engage with the authentic voices and insights from New Zealand stories through vibrant discussions that bridge understanding and meaning.

Pacific broadcast journalists finalists in 2024 Voyager media awards

Gladys HartsonApr 18, 2024
Pacific broadcast journalists are being recognised for their talents and expertise in this year's Voyager media awards. 

Talanoa: NZ Citizenship for some Samoans a step closer

Marama T-PoleApr 13, 2024
As we saw earlier this week Green MP Teanau Tuino's Private Members bill has passed it's first reading. The bill seeks to repeal a law that prevented Samoans born between 1924 and 1949 from becoming New Zealand citizens.

Bill to restore citizenship rights to Samoans passes first reading

Gladys HartsonApr 11, 2024
First reading in Parliament for bill to restore Samoan citizenship rights is dedicated to the late Fa’anānā Efeso Collins.  

Foreign Affairs Minister in talks about Pacific region at United Nations…

Gladys HartsonApr 10, 2024
Foreign Minister Winston Peters says his official talks with the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in New York today focused on a shared commitment to partnering with the Pacific Islands region and a common concern about the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. 

Ministry for Pacific Peoples jobs set to be cut

Gladys HartsonMar 28, 2024
The Public Service Association trade union says brutal government spending cuts that will see the size of the Ministry for Pacific Peoples cut by 40% will hit Pasifika communities hard. 


Talanoa (“talk” or “discussion” in Fijian, Samoan and Tongan) is a Pacific Island form of dialogue that brings people together to share opposing views without any predetermined expectations for agreement. It holds significant cultural importance in many Pacific Island communities as a way to share and exchange knowledge, experiences, and perspectives. 

Tagata Pasifika means “people of the Pacific” in the Samoan language.

In New Zealand, there are approximately 380,000 Pasifika people, making up around 8% of the country’s population.

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