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‘Hula Fit’ blending exercise and Hula in Auckland

Cook Islands dance is well known for it’s energetic rhythms, swaying hips and shakey legs! One Cook Islander is turning her passion for her culture into a healthy obsession.

‘Mau and the Visitor’ play, runs for a second season

‘Mau and the Visitor’ play, runs for a second season Playwright Pulotu Canada McCarthy has assembled an 11-strong cast for the second season of his play “Mau and the Visitor.” The show depicts one of Samoa’s darkest days in history, the killing of Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III.

“Bula” trademarked in the U.S

Outrage from the Fiji Community after an American businessman trademarks the work "Bula".

“Elevated” supporting the Pasifika Communmity

“Elevated” was a Family Park Jam hosted by King Kapisi and supported by Pasifika NGO Le Va with the aim of putting the unity back into community and an underlying theme around suicide prevention.

“No one is immune” – Sela Alo speaks from quarantine after positive test

Sela Alo spoke with Tagata Pasifika after his diagnosis with Covid-19. He shared a strong message to Pacific communities of the importance to stay home and stay local.

“We are at ground zero” – Pacific Tourism Organisation CEO

As Covid-19 global cases pass the 1 million mark, it’s estimated there will be a 9-12% decrease in international tourist arrivals this year for the Pacific region.According to the most recent figures, Pacific tourism’s contribution to regional GDP is 11.1% in 2018 - that's around US$3.8billion.Pacific Tourism CEO Chris Cocker says it will be a long road to recovery due to the travel restrictions during the pandemic.

#LIVE Ōtara community perform Samoan Siva Tau and mighty Haka for Christchurch

Ōtara community performing the Samoan Siva Tau and mighty Haka for the people of Christchurch