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New music: Smile – MAL

New Zealand based music artist MAL proudly presents ‘Smile’, the acoustic soul single off his self-titled album  –   “MAL #musicandlife”

‘Smile’ illustrates the love of music and the love of people. It speaks about happiness and love between people.  The single features one of MAL’s finest vocal and acoustic guitar performances ever captured. A well structured and composed piece of music bound together with sweet guitar grooves, melodies and harmonies that will speak to your soul.

“Smile is a celebration of the simplest pleasure. A smile. Everything that has breath, will relate” – MAL.

MAL is a renowned guitarist performing in many bands including The Kratez, Daylight Robbery, The Red Velvet Seat, Kid Radio and his own current duo band called aQstik Keyz.  MAL is also regularly invited as a guest artist for special events and performances.  ‘Smile’ follows on from his previous releases ‘True To You’ (2018) and ‘Fiti Lagakali’ (2015).


CAST…… Mal Lakatani, Phoenix Puleanga, Dre & Souly Lakatani CREW….. DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY – Gareth Van Niekerk STYLING – Jayne King Deahne Lakatani EDITOR – Lisa Cooper COLOUR & COMPOSITING – Robert George PRODUCER – Petrina Togi-Sa’ena DIRECTOR – Robert George THANK YOU – Little Souls Music Academy, The Creative Souls Project, No Filter Studios, Kog Mastering, Soulnote Agency, Northwest Digital & The Raro Dog.

Follow MAL: Official website: www.thecreativesoulsproject.co.nz
Facebook: Malcolm Lakatani www.facebook.com/malcolmlakatani  
Instagram: @malakamulakatani          Snapchat: @malks01
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/malks01/featured

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