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Samoan rapper Poetik and Raggadat Cris team up for new single ‘FAME’

Apia’s finest hip hop artist Poetik has teamed up with R&B singer Raggadat Cris to deliver his latest single F.A.M.E., an ode to the artist’s classic struggle.

Racism, street violence, poverty, media, Pacific culture – Poetik has long been an artist capable of compelling storytelling through his music. F.A.M.E. delves into the journey many artists follow on the road to stardom and explores the balance between monetary interests with cultural and family values. The song was a “special dedication” to Ganxsta Ridd of Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. who had contracted Covid and passed away last week.

F.A.M.E. diverts from Poetik’s staple G-Funk sound to a more modern Trap sound, courtesy of Kiwi producer LMC. Created by director to the Hip Hop stars Connor Pritchard, the slick and visually dazzling music video features a whole host of Pasifika musical talent including Disciple Pati, Lucky Lance, Lomez Brown, Melodownz and Diggy Dupé. This perhaps is a nod to the song’s subject, highlighting his fellow musicians who may have encountered similar struggles.

2020 has been a good year for Poetik, who accumulated three nominations at the Pacific Music Awards and hit 2.4 million streams on Spotify. Hopefully F.A.M.E is an sign of a possible album or EP on the way from the award-winning rapper.

F.A.M.E is available to stream and download from all major music outlets.

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