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Tagata Pasifika

The Pacific voice on
New Zealand television
since 1987

Seven Pasifika short films to screen in 17th Pollywood Pasifika Film in Auckland

Pollywood Pasifika Film 172019: 17 Years Dedicated to Polynesian Pasifika big screen talent

What an exceptional year for Pasifika People in Film! The Creativity, the Dedication, the Motivation to share and exhibit Pasifika stories has been prolific! Pollywood Pasifika Film (PPF) is doing its part by contributing the latest showcase of Polynesian Pasifika Proud film this month!

PPF Director Craig Fasi remains firm in the belief that what he does and has been doing for over 17 years is an essential part of the NZ film industry fabric woven to inspire and generate further opportunity for Pasifika grassroots and established filmmakers including multi-media artists to realize how important their work is.

“I consider myself extremely fortunate and incredibly grateful to be entrusted with what I regard as Taonga, to showcase our undeniably unique Pasifika points of view on the big screen.”

Seven films have been curated by Mr Fasi, which all share a common theme of overcoming adversity, self awareness and empowerment.

‘Our Father’, directed and written by recent film school graduate Esther Mauga, has enjoyed recent success in this year’s NZ International Film Festival by being chosen as one of NZ’s best shorts for 2019, and had special mention from award winning director Jane Campion, noting the standout performance of lead actress Samara Alofa. Such a wonderful accolade to receive for Miss Mauga, an up and coming filmmaker to the NZ film industry.

‘Liliu’ Directed and written by Fa’alava’au Jeremiah Tauamiti is a triumph in its own right. The World premiere for ‘Liliu’ took place at the prestigious Berlinale Film Festival 2019 and also won best Pacific short at the 2019 Wairoa Maori Film Festival. You will notice Mr Tauamiti was also the DOP in ‘Toa`ipuapuagā, Strength in Suffering’ directed by Vea Mafile’o and he recently co-directed his first feature documentary film with Vea Mafile’o, ‘For my fathers Kingdom’ – the work ethic and professionalism Mr Tauamiti displays is truly phenomenal and it shows in his film.

Pollywood Pasifika Film 172019 is scheduled for ONE exclusive screening with Directors along to speak about their films at the Mangere Art Centre – Nga Tohu O Uenuku, Tuesday 29 October, 6.30pm

Rated R16 due to violence & coarse language.

$12 per ticket includes a light supper at the end of the films and a chance to speak directly with the filmmakers. Buy tickets here.



The Messiah
NZ 2018 | Director/Screenplay: Vela Manusaute
Producer: Sandra Kailahi | Photography: Grant McKinnon
15 mins
A young runaway finds refuge with a 17-year-old self proclaimed Messiah in a South Auckland garage only to discover that true salvation is in his own hands.

Sons of Blackbird
NZ 2019 | Director: Onehou Strickland
Screenplay: Onehou Strickland, Lastman Sooula
Producer: Lance Loughlin | Photography: Helen Wu
15 mins
A spoken word poem visually interpreted by film exploring the history of Blackbirding set in a modern day

Toa ‘ipuapuagā, Strength in Suffering
NZ 2019 | Director/Producer: Vea Mafile’o
Photography: Jeremiah Tauamiti
11 mins
When a young Samoan woman is stricken with bleeding stigmata during an Easter church service, she must face both adoration and condemnation from her deeply religious island community while struggling to maintain life as a wife and mother. After a near-death experience in 2016, Toa claims to have been sent on a mission to spread the gospel and mend worldly relationships with God.

The Moon and the Night
HAWAII 2018 | Director: Erin Lau | Screenplay: Erin Lau, Justin Omori
Producer: Olivia Gray | Photography: Anton Jiracek
19 mins
In rural Hawaii, a teenage girl is forced to confront her father after he steals her beloved pet for an underground dogfight. The film is ultimately a coming-of-age story about a teenage girl, MAHINA, who must accept the fact that her father, David, an ex-con, will never truly be the dad she needs.

Our Father
NZ 2019 | Director/Screenplay: Esther Mauga
Producer: Shani McLeod Bennett | Photography; Finn Bowman
19 mins
Two sisters are confronted by a dark history when their estranged father returns. This story is born of Trauma but is defined by Healing.

Our Atoll Speaks: Ko Talatala Mai Tō Mātou Wenua
USA 2019 | Director/Producer/Writer/Photography: Gemma Cuberno Del Barrio
Co-Producer/Writer: Amelia Rachel Hokule’a Borofsky
Co-Writer: Florence Ngatokorua Tiane Frisbie
Co-Photography: Gabriela Faaiuaso, Vincente Franco, Kolee Tinga
13 mins
This communal poem, developed from interviews with Pukapukans from 2015-2017, interweaves with stunning images of land, sky and sea. Climate change and rising sea levels is the biggest threat to our island futures. Conservation practices developed over thousands of years have something to teach. This short documentary provides a visual metaphor for indigenous climate knowledge from the perspective of the atoll and her people.

NZ 2019 | Director/Screenplay: Fa’alava’au Jeremiah Tauamiti
Producer: Ngaire Fuata | Photography: Tim Flower
17 mins
Solo, a young Samoan interpreter for a Native Court in Colonial, New Zealand Samoa, does what he thinks is best for his people and at times lies as he translates. However, High Chief Nua, who’s charged with trespass, understands and speaks English. What follows is a tirade of verbal punches between Solo, Nua and an old Judge hell-bent on Colonial rule. Taking a stand, Solo joins Nua having, “Never trespassed on our own land”.

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