Tagata Pasifika The Pacific voice on New Zealand television since 1987

Tagata Pasifika: The Hawaiians (1991 documentary)

In 1991 Tagata Pasifika visited Hawaii to talk to some Kamaʻāina (children of the land) about being Hawaiian in the only Pacific Island state of the United States.

Deprived of their land, culture and language, Foufou Susana Hukui spoke to Native Hawaiians including fearless activist Dr Haunani-Kay Trask.

The Hawaiians is an illuminating look into the history, including the cultural and political renaissance of our brothers and sisters in Hawaii.


DIRECTOR Taualeo’o Stephen Stehlin
DIRECTOR Chu Chai Choi
EDITOR Fran Hodgson
EDITOR Michael Willets
PRESENTER Foufou Susana Hukui
PRODUCER Foufou Susana Hukui
REPORTER Foufou Susana Hukui
RESEARCH Iulia Leilua
TPA Elaine Parker


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