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Villette teases new EP with latest track ‘Curious’

Curious, the latest single from singer/songwriter/producer Villette, is a joyous riot from start to finish. An excellent show of versatility, Curious diverges from the artist’s signature Monroe-esque vocals and neo-R&B vibes, instead offering a feel-good track that’s upbeat, modernly funky and fun.

The track could also hint at what’s in store for her up-and-coming EP release. While her first mixtape Drip Crimson centered on the emotional, turbulent journey of love and relationships, Curious sets a completely different tone both lyrically and visually.

Speaking with BaseFM, Villette says Curious is “a tale of enjoying the ups and downs of life and venturing further down forbidden paths.”

“It’s me hanging out with my friends, enjoying each others’ company and feeling free to express ourselves. Like the lyrics of the song say: ’cause tonight we don’t need no ending’.”

Directed by the formidable Connor Pritchard, the music video reflects this same jubilant vibe. Joined by her bandmates, Villette and the crew sing, strum and jump their way around a pastel-coloured lounge, lemon trees and what seems to be the inside of an actual kaleidoscope.

It’s quirky, celebratory and joyful – definitely a dose of what we need during these trying times.

Curious is available to download and stream on all major music platforms.

By Alice Lolohea

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