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The Rock’s mum crashes his interview, sings classic Samoan kids song

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is used to being the centre of attention, but it was his mum who stole the show last week.

Ata Johnson made a memorable appearance in The Rock’s interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, donning a ukulele and infectious smile.

The mother and son performed an adorable duet of Savalivali Means Go for a Walk – a classic Samoan song that every Samoan kid will be familiar with.

“My mom adores Jimmy Fallon like a son, so I thought she’d love to come on impromptu style and sing him a song w/ her ukulele,” The Rock told his social media followers.

“But after the first song finishes she says, “We’ve got one more”…. to which I said, “NO WE DON’T HAVE ONE MORE”… 😂😂😂 🛑

The duo then performed an impromptu serenade for Jimmy Fallon, who responded, “You just stole the interview. You’re unbelievable! You are a superstar.”

The Rock shared the clip to his fans, saying, “I’m a lucky son of a gun to have such a positive force of a mama. What a happy soul she’s got 🙏🏾I’ll admit, her mana is pretty infectious ✨

Watch Ata Johnson sing with The Rock above.

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